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Saunders Law Group, Ltd
  • Saunders Law Group, Ltd
  • 1891 California Ave Ste 102
  • Corona, CA 92881

Area Practice

  • Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 13
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Loan Modification

Additional Info

When you know you need an attorney, you need to know Saunders Law Group.

These are troubled times. Are you feeling overwhelmed with debt or facing foreclosure? We want you to know - you are not alone - there is help. Saunders Law Group is proud to help eliminate legal problems and stress for our clients. Many years ago one of our clients coined the phrase, "When you know you need an Attorney, you need to know Saunders Law Group". We stand ready to help you.

Are you being sued? Checking Accounts Levied? Wages Garnished? Let's defend that lawsuit or explore debt relief through Federal Bankruptcy Protection. (Have your debts forgiven - keep your assets).

Has your mortgage lender treated you unfairly in your attempt to modify your home loan? It may be time to sue your lender. We sue banks for unlawfully foreclosing on homes.

Tax problems? Has it been years since you filed? Are you receiving letters from the State or the IRS? We can help negotiate with the tax authorities and prepare your back filings.

We will sit down with you in person, or over the phone, to answer your questions and thoroughly evaluate your legal and personal concerns. If you are considering Bankruptcy, we will help you decide your legal options: whether you need to file a Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or don't need to file Bankruptcy at all.

We will review your situation and formulate a legal strategy to protect you.

Our clients come from referrals from previous clients, attorneys, accountants and other professionals and the Internet. Referring individuals confidently send their friends, family members and colleagues to us because they know we treat each client in a competent and professional manner with compassion and respect.

We appreciate your visiting our website and hope you find the content informative and valuable to your situation. If you are in a bind, we stand ready, willing and able to help.


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